During a disaster humanitarian organisations often face logistical, operational and health and safety problems during food preparation and distribution. As a result of these problems many victims during times of need do not receive their entitlement of ….“sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary need and food preferences for an active healthy life” World Food Summit 1996.

TIC International has expertise in food supplies that have accumulated their experience for over 18 years. Our canned meat is nutritious, of a high specification, long shelf life and guaranteed to be Halal. The canned meat is suitable for any Food Aid programme that targets vulnerable groups and be part of any Food Aid Type, e.g. General Ration, Supplementary Feeding or Therapeutic Feeding.

We are highly experienced in the supply of Qurbani meat as canned or frozen meat. Our Frozen and canned Qurbani meat has benefited people in 14 countries worldwide.

Canned meat- what are the benefits?

  • Canned meat is pre-cooked, hygienic, Halal and ready to eat
  • Canned meat has a shelf-life of three years, hence they can be stored and animal protein can be supplied to beneficiaries in times of need
  • Canned meat may be distributed in areas where livestock is not available
  • Canned meat is easy to transport to areas of conflict and remote areas without the need for refrigeration, e.g. desert, mountains, flood affected areas
  • Distribution of meat can easily be managed in disaster affected areas, e.g. flood, earthquake, famine…etc.
  • No meat is wasted

TIC International Food Division also has expertise in the following areas: 

  • LivestockFood technologyLogistics
  • Halal audit
  • ProcurementProject management